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Through coordinated tissue morphogenesis and cell specialization, organ development generates complex structures tailored for diverse physiological functions. For example, lungs, kidneys, and various glands generate tree-like branched structures, where numerous end buds specialized for air exchange, blood filtration, or secretion are connected by a hierarchical ductal system. The mature branched structure arises from a single epithelial bud at the embryonic stage through branching morphogenesis, which requires the dynamic interplay between cells and the extracellular matrix. We are only beginning to understand the principles of branching morphogenesis and other processes in organ development, which will be crucial for developing gene, cell, and tissue engineering-based therapies for defective organs.

We combine embryonic and reconstitution approaches to discover principles of organ development. We employ live imaging, sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, genetic perturbation, and targeted protein degradation to probe native organ development, primarily (but not limited to) using the mouse salivary gland as a versatile model. Driven by the “understanding by building” philosophy, we always try to reconstitute key biological processes from neutral building blocks. Whenever applicable, we use mathematical or physical modeling to theorize our findings. We aspire to pave the way of building customizable organs from the bottom up.

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Select Publications

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*co-first, #co-corresponding

Di Wu, Kenneth M. Yamada#, Shaohe Wang#. Tissue Morphogenesis Through Dynamic Cell and Matrix Interactions (2023) Annu. Rev. Cell Dev. Biol. [Author Manuscript PDF]

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Sophie Quintin, Shaohe Wang, Julien Pontabry, Ambre Bender, François Robin, Vincent Hyenne, Frédéric Landmann, Christelle Gally, Karen Oegema, Michel Labouesse. Non-centrosomal epidermal microtubules act in parallel to LET-502/ROCK to promote C. elegans elongation (2016) Development

Shaohe Wang, Di Wu, Sophie Quintin, Rebecca A Green, Dhanya K Cheerambathur, Stacy D Ochoa, Arshad Desai, Karen Oegema. NOCA-1 functions with γ-tubulin and in parallel to Patronin to assemble non-centrosomal microtubule arrays in C. elegans (2015) eLife


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  • September 2022

    Lab opens!

    Our lab is part of 4D Cellular Physiology, the new exciting research area at HHMI Janelia!

  • November 2022

    Di joins the lab!

    Di recently finished her postdoc in Jurrien Dean’s lab at the NIH.

  • April 2023

    Angelo joins the lab!

    Welcome to Janelia, Angelo!

  • June 2023

    Katherine joins the lab!

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  • June 2023

    Di's annual review is online!

    Great read on tissue morphogenesis! See PUBLICATIONS.

  • July 2023

    Shunze joins the lab!

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  • March 2024

    Yihe joins the lab!

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